Communication Skills Training

Learn How to Close the Communication Loop and Accomplish More Great Work with Others

In work and in life, you may have experienced repeated frustration when the messages you’re sharing are not received the way you intended. Or perhaps you’re simply not achieving the results you hope for when you communicate with others.

Maybe you’ve said some of the following things about communicating with others:

  • “This is more difficult than it needs to be.”“They’re not hearing what I’m telling them.”
  • “No matter how many times I say it, I just can’t get through to her.”
  • “We’re just not connecting well.”
  • “I have no idea what he wants.”

Communication is a two-way process: message sent and message received. And you need to understand both sides of the process to become an effective communicator.

With Principle Driven Consulting, you can get an onsite workshop built on concepts taught in The Ultimate Communicator Training Camp that will help you understand how to close the communication loop, to make sure that your message is shared clearly and received as it is intended.

Here’s What People Are Saying:

“I enjoyed the program very much. It delivered what I expected, and also added a little more. I did not just learn how to communicate more tactfully, but I also gained insight to understand myself and people so that I can be more at peace and effective in dealing with others.”



“This training was the best training class I have ever attended! It teaches you more than communication skills; it teaches you conflict management by understanding DISC Model, building trust and how to take control of influence you are creating on others. I will use this Leadership class at work and home!”

– Sunny Baek, Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals


“This workshop provided eye-opening information and immediately-applicable tips and techniques for improving communications with all types of communicators.”

– A Workshop Participant

If you feel like your message isn’t getting through and you want to learn proven techniques for improving your communication skills,we can help.

Ultimate Communicator

In a typical two-day workshop, you’ll:

    • Uncover the Power of Influence – How You Communicate Affects How Others See You
    • Discover how 3 critical factors interact to determine how others view you
    • Identify the most essential element of your message and how it motivates – or de-motivates – other people.
    • Understand and use the 5 steps you can take to maximize your influence with others
    • Understand your communication style
    • Learn to recognize other communication styles
    • Apply adaptive communication principles to communicate with people who have different styles
    • Learn to recognize the signs of stress that hinder effective communication
    • 5 ways to communicate more effectively – even when stressed!
    • Use Diplomacy, Creating Credibility and Building Trust
    • Use the power of unqualified respect to bridge differences and to create understanding
    • Learn the critical difference between tact and avoidance
    • Learn the 4 components of trust and how to build them into your communication
    • Understand the two different ways that people view trust and how this difference impacts the way they hear you
    • Learn how to Communicate for Influence and Persuasion
    • Find 6 ways to make your communication more powerful, persuasive and memorable
    • Discover the difference between influence and manipulation
    • Communicate with others in ways that move them to action
    • Using storytelling to enhance your communication
    • 5 ways to polish your stories for maximum impact
    • Understand Listening…A Key Component of Communication
    • Know how to set the foundation of trust which leads to rapport
    • Develop mutual respect and understanding through better listening skills
    • Identify your personal barriers to effective listening and learn to overcome them
    • Discover Ways to Communicate with Confidence and Clarity
    • Learn to apply the power of assertive communication
    • Consider 7 communication strategies you can use to better resolve conflicts
    • Identify and use 4 issues that ensure open lines of communication
    • Learn how to project confidence without appearing arrogant
    • 2 questions you can use to make sure you understand and are understood
    • Build Your Communication Competency
    • Develop your personal action-plan for long-term success and sustainability

Ultimate Communicator