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[kc_heading_pac_3_headline_1 size=”36″ color=”#111111″ ]Why Executive Leadership Coaching Can Be Good For You[/kc_heading_pac_3_headline_1]

I once read this quote: “you’re on the wrong side of your eyeballs to be objective about you.”

I love that quote! It’s both short and powerful.

Unfortunately, I do not remember the source of that quote, and I wasn’t able to find it in preparing to write this article. Still it is a true statement.

As the quote says, we are all on the wrong side of our eyeballs to be objective about ourselves.

Leaders need objective evaluation of data, approaches, and outcomes to make better and more effective decisions. They need good, solid feedback from other people so that they can evaluate the quality of their decisions, the results of their actions,  and the impact of their interactions with others – both on their teams and with their peers.

Executive leadership coaching is a service that provides leaders with this necessary and vital feedback so that they can learn and grow as leaders.

A good leadership coach will look you in the eye and give you direct, honest input and perspective to facilitate your personal growth and development. They will offer this input whether you want to hear the feedback or not. And, as a leader, that type of honest and direct feedback is what you want.

You probably won’t get this kind of feedback from your team because they will likely be afraid to tell you for fear of negative repercussions on the job.

You are not likely to get it from your peers because they might not see you clearly or they might have powerful motives to hide their true perspective.

And, your supervisor likely sees you through a filter that does not allow them to be totally objective about your decisions, behaviors and interactions with others.

You can be a good leader without coaching. You will probably not become a great leader without it.

Executive leadership coaching can give you the feedback, perspective, and objectivity you need to become the leader you want to be.


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