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[font family=”Tahoma,Geneva,sans-serif” size=”24″ color=”6B0101″ textshadow=”0″ alignment=”left” weight=”normal” style=”normal” lineheight=”250″]You’ve earned this promotion… but are you ready for it?[/font]It’s finally happened. You’ve gone from following the directions…to giving them. And as great as that feels, what do you do once the excitement wears off—and it’s time to get to work?

How will you:

  • Get people to take you seriously—maybe even earn some respect?
  • Let your co-workers know you’re not just “one of the gang” any more?
  • Get people to take your assignments and deadlines seriously?
  • Deal with being the go-between when the rank-and-file and upper management don’t see eye-to-eye?

If you’re looking for guidance and a few fresh ideas to get you through that first critical period—that small window of time you have to establish yourself as the new boss—you’ve come to the right place. Bud to Boss has books, training tools, audio conferences on CD, and even a live 2-day training camp—everything you need to go from being the employee you were to the emerging manager and supervisor you are now.

Consider this: 40% of new managers fail within the first 18 months of their promotions. Why? Because they don’t get the training and support they need to deal with difficult situations, conflict, negotiations, HR issues, hiring and firing, and many other new situations they’ll have to face for the first time.

Bud to Boss
Bud to Boss has a whole range of hard-to-find, hard-to-talk about topics, including:

  • Balancing between empowering and controlling your employees
  • What happens when your subordinates know more than you do about the job
  • How to inspire your employees to follow your lead
  • Taking difficult conversations down a notch
  • What makes an annual review productive instead of a waste of time
  • Managing LOTS of different kinds of people
  • Making meetings effective—and memorable
  • People skills that will get you through any situation

You’ve only got a short period of time to establish yourself and make your new position a success. Don’t waste it making rookie mistakes. Get training from Bud to Boss to make your first management position an instant success. (And for companies, protect your investment and avoid the legal landmines that come from inadvertently setting up new managers to fail. Bud to Boss training can be the tipping point that ensures your rising stars continue to shine and add bottom-line value to your team and to your company.) You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, since all our products are backed by our satisfaction guarantee.
Bud to Boss

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